This involves assessing a selection of items and deciding what to keep and what to get rid of. Items can include clothes, gadgets, digital files, tools, home decorations, office supplies, business cards – you name it! Getting rid doesn’t necessarily mean throwing away, it can also mean selling, donating, repurposing or recycling. 


When you are finished decluttering, it's time to find a place for the items you have kept. For example, you may decide you want to move all clothes to a spare room to keep your bedroom calm and clutter-free. Once moved, you may choose to organise your clothes by colour, by item, by occasion, or by something else which works for you. This is organising.


The final stage is perhaps the quickest, and the most often repeated. As we go about our lives, we naturally move and use the things in our environment. Tidying involves putting these things back where they belong and restoring a sense of order. It can be difficult to keep things tidy if decluttering and organising are overdue.